Monday, February 16, 2009

God and feet

I was sitting and thinking tonight while I was scrapbooking. Mostly I was thinking about the pages I was trying to create, but my mind tends to drift now and then. You see, I have very poor circulation (thanks mom!) so if I sit in one position, particularly if that involves sitting on my feet or having my leg bent, I will none too soon lose all feeling in the corresponding foot. It's very unpleasant having a foot go to sleep on you, as it is termed. So I was thinking about that when I realized I had been sitting in one position for a dangerously long period of time, so I shifted and saved myself from the pain just barely. Then I had a rather inspirational thought.

It's just like prayer.

I stopped. How's that again? Feet and prayer?

Let me explain, at least to some degree, the twisted inner workings of my mind.
When you restrict the flow of blood to your foot, by say sitting on it, the foot starts to shut down and try to deal with less blood. It begins to feel numb. You don't really realize that you are starting to feel numb in your foot unless you move, but then when you do move it hurts so much, you would rather the blood flow not resume. The feeling of thousands of needles stabbing all over your foot is really not fun.

It's a little backwards, but it really is like prayer, or at least similar to our relationship with God. When we restrict the flow of spirit shall we say, by not praying, etc, we start to feel numb. You barely realize it at first, because it creeps up so slowly. When you do realize and start to let the spirit flow, i.e. pray again, it's hard. It can be painful when you realize how far from right things are. The adversary will be poking you rather hard in an effort to discourage you from increasing that spiritual flow. You might even want to go back to the restricted flow because being numb is easier than feeling pain. But just like with the feet, if you suffer through the stabbing pain, you will find that it fades after a time. Then everything flows as it should and you feel much better.

Maybe it only makes sense to me, but I thought I would share, just in case anyone else might understand what I am trying to share. Of course being that the relationship we each have with our Father in Heaven is a personal one, the experience of prayer is different for everyone. Anyway, I just had what for me is a profound connection and I wanted to share. So the next time your foot falls asleep you will be reminded to pray, which for those who share my genes might be rather often . . .