Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It really has been almost two months since I last wrote. Those close to me know that the biggest reason for that is getting bigger everyday, but hopefully I will be better able to handle things from here on out.

I have set up a system for my personal scripture study that includes reading all of the talk from the the previous General Conference in the six months following that conference. I have learned a great deal more from reading after the fact, than I gleaned during the broadcast. It's ok, I know I am not an auditory learner. I just read Pres. Packer's talk titled "The Test".

As so often happens it kind of struck home. Our current political/governmental situation is more than a little lacking. I have never professed to have a great knowledge of these things, but I do know a little. I do not understand foreign relations, or policies, oftentimes, I don't even care. More often these days it scares me so much that I don't want to know. However, things are what they are. I disagree with things that our current president is doing. I am very scared by the things I hear. Still, I have never been physically harmed, assaulted, taken to prison, falsely accused, driven from my home at gunpoint, or otherwise harassed. Some tell me that will probably happen at some point because of my views (apparently homeschooling is now a threat to national security). Even if it does, I have an example of the right way to handle it. The early Saints suffered all those trials at the hands of the government. In spite of that they celebrated our country and honored the constitution. They knew as I do, that our country was founded by God. The constitution was inspired as were the founding fathers who wrote it.

Now, might this country's leaders be punished for turning their back on God? Yes. Despite the people who run the government, this is still God's country. I will strive harder to teach my children about patriotism. I want them to love this country and know how blessed it is. So the next time I hear more disparaging news about the state of affairs, I will remember that regardless, the Constitution is still true and God is in charge of His country.

(It helps that my background noise while writing this is Take Your Hat Off, by Janeen Brady. My kids are already learning about and loving the founding fathers and the country they helped to create.)