Sunday, January 22, 2012


As shocking as it may be I have actually been known to be the tiniest bit negative at times. Unthinkable right? Well, if you know me well at this point you are probably giving me a big Ha-Ha!

But you will not laugh long my friends . . .

Now let's be clear, I don't do "resolutions." I intentionally start something or try something new in December or February just to make a statement. That statement would of course be then when I try to make a change I mean it and I'm not just doing it because everyone else is doing it. And yes, I know there are lots of people who use the new year as a catalyst, but studies do show that that hardly ever sticks. Anyway, that said I started something this year on January 1, that will hopefully bring about a change in me.

I began the daily reading of Simple Abundance and the daily writing of my own Gratitude Journal. The whole point is a year long journey to refocus and regroup so I can be more aware and thus grateful for the simple blessings in my life.

It has been less than a month, and I will be honest I have had to do a little makeup twice, but things are settling down finally from the move and the crazy move in fix things and change things and all that. So I predict that I have a better ratio of days done right vs. days missed. Some nights have been a stretch, but it really doesn't take very long to think of five things I am grateful for. Part of my goal in this endeavor is to not repeat any of my grateful thoughts. So by the end of the year I should be able to look back on One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five blessings in my life.

The best part is the knowing that even after recording all 1,825, I will still have countless more to add in following years. (Plus I might actually establish a daily writing/journaling routine! Wouldn't that be a great bonus:))